PUNJABI by nature Imprimer


The Punjab you saw in Yash Chopra’s NRI nostalgia-version aka DDLJ and the real thing are quite apart. All the Punjabi clichés seem to be either untrue or changing too fast. For a state meant to have ghabru jawan (well built young men), malnutrition competes with unemployment. (The National Family Health Survey -2005-2006 confirmed that 1 in every 5 adult between the ages 15-49 is malnourished). Where the mustard delicacy, sarson ka saag is anything but homegrown. Where more and more young Sikhs are now simply chopping off their hair. The dismal sex ratio, the sex-selection deaths and farmer suicides have already come to light despite a state minus significant NGO presence. Text and photos by TISHA SRIVASTAV.

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